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      Dalian BOFU Construction Material Co., Ltd. is the professional supplier of scaffolding, couplers, formwork, prop, etc. As the leading manufacture of scaffolding couplers in North East China, BOFU endeavour to help you build faster and conveniently, and most important, guarantee the safety for workers. BOFU also endeavour to protect environment because we only have one earth.

      Thanks to our credibility and high quality products, BOFU has built long term cooperation relationship with many world class enterprises such as Saudi Arabia ATCO group, Russia Sakhalin Energy Investment Company, Italy Geoplast Company, etc.



      We often heard from weather report that 鈥?the typhoon begin from the ocean surface of East of Philippines is moving westward, is expected to land in certain time.鈥?This region refers to the 鈥渙cean surface of East of Philippines鈥?including Palau. Here, however, has the most pristine Pacific Marine Ecosystems. Only eight islands have permanent residents in 340 large and small volcanic islands and coral islands. reef, coral reef mapping and volcanic ash and so on through the sea, bringing with 7 colors of the sea... [MORE]


      Modular formwork is an easy and intuitive system of ABS formworks for building concrete walls, basements, pillars. Compared with the traditional timber or steel systems, modular formwork is handier, more cost effective and faster to set up. Modular formwork has panels of various sizes, fastened together by means of fast-lock nylon handles. Thanks to the several possible panel combinations, and special inner and outer corner elements, the possible wall thickness goes from 10 to 40 cm..